Fall of Istanbul is the story of a bunch of heroes in occupied Istanbul who play football games with the occupation countries’ mixed team during the day, as they break into the invaders’ ammunition stores and carry guns off to Anatolia at night. These patriots bear only one thought in their mind now:
“either independance or death…”
Imperialist countries of the West at last reach their goal by the end of WWI and take over ıstanbul. On the 14th day of the occupation, the British organize a football tournament so they can flatten the Turks out on their own land, however, their cunning and brillant mind for diplomacy is not enough this time. These football matches become the symbol of the national combat that is being led by Mustafa Kemal .
Amidst this story of bravery, witnessed is the impossible love of Mehmet, who is also fighting for the independence of this country. The other hero of this love story is Ann Marie, the daughter of British Oil Company Istanbul representative Sir George Campbell. As the fight for independence lingers on, the most natural and precious fights of all, love, stand with all its glory before the eyes of the audience. Thus, Fall Of Istanbul is the tale of the struggle, pain, love, treachery, disappointments, victories and valour.